Choose oak to give your home some character

The mighty oak is the king of trees and the one true love of leading interiors brand Neptune.

In our homes, oak brings with it a sense of its reassuring history and, above all, beauty. Prized through the ages for its strength as a building material, oak works on both a practical and an emotional level.

Perhaps we also love to live with the grain of oak because there is something about it that reminds us of the tree itself. Since childhood, oak trees stand tall in our imaginations.

Growing from an impossibly tiny acorn to become a mighty tree, oak symbolises endurance, strength, and a deep connection with nature. We can bring something of those qualities into our homes with Neptune’s finely crafted oak pieces.

Carved from solid oak, quietly rustic, and built to last, Neptune’s Balmoral dining tables are designed to gather friends and family around. And their fresh, new-look Henley kitchen is a stunning celebration of oak in its natural state.

Whether you call it organic modernism, contemporary classic, or clean rustic, this perfect balance of traditional carpentry with cutting-edge styling makes for a look that works perfectly in either a country or urban environment.

From bare timber to a waxed surface, oak has a beautiful depth of texture. And there is strength beneath that beauty.

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