Tips to remain calm during a busy day

Today’s smartphone-dominated lifestyle means that many of us are constantly checking emails and perusing social media, regardless of where we are. Our busy days mean we are always flitting from one thing to the next, expecting our minds to stay on top of a mountain of information.

A survey by Rescue Remedy discovered that during a busy day, 34 per cent of people rarely stop to gather their thoughts. It may seem impossible, but it is important to take a moment for ourselves to create peace of mind.

Neil Shah from the Stress Management Society has eight tips to help you remain calm and focused:

1. Wake up and breathe. Deep breathing works wonders to relax your mind and helps create a moment of calm.

2. Take a five-minute holiday - a simple visualisation technique. Imagine yourself at your favourite holiday destination and utilise all your senses. Perhaps you are lying on a beach, can feel the coarse sand under your toes and the warming sun on your face. As you take a sip of your favourite cold drink you can hear the rustling of palm trees in the breeze, see the bright blue sky, and smell the saltiness of the waves.

3. Practise progressive muscle relaxation. Tense and release all the muscles in your body in sequence and feel the relaxation growing each time you release the tension.

4. Do something you love every day - whether it’s taking the dog out, cuddling a loved one, reading, gardening, or having a bubble bath - for at least 15 minutes.

5. Spend time alone. It is important to have some space to be alone with your thoughts. Enjoy the silence!

6. Listen to music – a great way to detach and ’just forget the world’.

7. Switch off an hour before going to sleep. Research shows that using technology before bed is disturbing to the brain and affects quality of sleep. Let your brain slowly relax.

8. End the day with one minute of meditation. Rather than trying to eliminate thoughts, let them pass through and let your mind wander wherever it needs to go.

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