New Hot60 class at Bikram Yoga Athlone

A new 60-minute class has been added to the schedule at Bikram Yoga Athlone.

“The idea of Bikram Yoga is that you do every posture twice,” says owner Tricia Fleming. “Opening the body in the first set and then potentially aiming for depth in the second set. If you have only one set of every posture then there is sometimes that pressure to push too much and sometimes force the body to try to achieve depth. The two sets in a Bikram class means that it takes a little longer, and so is 90 minutes long.”

Unwilling to compromise the Bikram sequence, Tricia has designed a 60-minute class that has a lot of the postures from Bikram with a few new postures added in.

Hot60 is a great complement to the Bikram class as it introduces more hip openers as well as more upper body and arm strenghtening. The class has been running for the last few weeks and is proving to be very popular. However Hot60 is a faster-paced class and for this reason Tricia does not recommend it for first timers. “I would advise people to do at least five to 10 Bikram classes, to get time to learn the finer details of each posture, before coming to the Hot60.”

There are three Hot60 classes currently on the schedule and 10 Bikram classes. For more information visit or contact Tricia on (086 ) 3763363. ‘Like’ Bikram Yoga Athlone on Facebook.


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