Create a colourful autumnal wonderland this Hallowe’en

Autumn colours are all around us. There are plenty of crisp leaves floating from the branches of trees, and the world is full of those delicious autumnal colours of orange and yellow, red and brown.

This weekend why not take inspiration from your garden and bring the outdoors in with some creative Hallowe’en decorations.

Autumn leaves and twigs

The ground is currently covered in a blanket of leaves all crisp and colourful. Gather up some clean and dry leaves along with some bare branches. Get a fish bowl or another circular bowl. Mould the twigs to the inside of the bowl and fill the middle with your colourful leaves. Add a touch of sparkle with some gold and brown glitter and place in the centre of a table.

Alternatively get some glue and create a welcome wreath for your front door. Pick up some mini pumpkins, the smaller the better (smaller than your hand ) and nail into the wreath as well.

Get carving

In America pumpkin carving for Hallowe’en is almost a full-time job. Take inspiration from our neighbours and get carving.

Before you buy your pumpkin go online and check out the never-ending ideas for pumpkin faces. Of course the traditional jack-o-lantern is easy and foolproof (ish! ) but why not go that extra mile and create owls, etched pumpkins, pirate skulls, tomb stones, witches, and more? Add eyeballs, fangs, and paint to bring pumpkins of different sizes to life.

Martha Stewart has some amazing ideas, that might not be for beginners, but will show you what’s possible with a little creativity.

Having a party?

If you’re having a Hallowe’en or simply a bank holiday weekend gathering pick up the largest and widest pumpkin you can find. Cut off the top third of it, and take out the pulp and seeds. Line the inside with a plastic bag, or bowl if you can get one to fit perfectly. If the pumpkin seems a bit too small for a bowl carefully carve away some of the inside until it fits.

Then simply add ice and your drink of choice!

We’re not finished with pumpkins yet...

Pick up some small pumpkins, maybe the size of a tennis ball, or a bit bigger, paint them white and then get writing. Paint on the letters B, O, and O on three different ones and put them together on your mantlepiece.

Cut the pumpkins open from the bottom, empty out the inside. Cut little stars or circles all over and place on top of a candle to create some magical lights. If you paint the outside white you’ll get a lovely orange glow coming from the inside out.

Finally, if all else fails, add some glitter. Simply paint glitter onto your pumpkins and arrange in the centre of your table or dotted in clusters around your house. Scatter some leaves on the ground under them to give a pumpkin patch effect.

There are plenty of fun ways to freshen up your home this Hallowe’en, and even over the next couple of months. Take inspiration from the colours outside... hurry, it’ll be grey, dull, and wet again before we know it!


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