How clean is your car?

More than a third of Irish motorists tidy out and clean their car once a month, with Saturday being the most popular day of the week for washing their vehicle, according to mobility solutions specialist, Easytrip.

Top items found in car

When it comes to car clutter, the following items were revealed as the most typically found in Irish motorists’ vehicles: empty plastic bottles/soft drink cans; loose change/old receipts; children’s toys or books; discarded car parking tickets; sports equipment; food wrappers/discarded or old food; documents for the office.

Interestingly, more than a quarter of the Easytrip survey respondents revealed that they would not let passengers eat and drink in their vehicles but were happy to do so themselves.

Car wash

The Easytrip research has also revealed that 42 per cent of drivers wash their car once a month, followed by 33 per cent once or twice a year and nearly 16 per cent every fortnight. Drivers of newer models also claimed that they got their car washed once a week or even daily.

When it comes to the type of car wash, the nearest drive-through car wash was the most popular at 51 per cent; this is followed by a car valet service (22 per cent ); 16 per cent selected a DIY wash outside their home; 11 per cent selected the nearest self-service car wash. The most popular days of the week for getting a car washed are Saturday, Sunday, and Friday.

Commenting on the results, general manager of Easytrip Ireland, Colin Delaney, said: “We certainly are a car-proud nation with the majority of us cleaning and tidying our vehicles on a regular basis. Our vehicles have become a second home for the majority of us as we commute to work, school, and on daily errands and with this the clutter can pile up – one item that can be minimised is loose change for tolls by replacing it with an easytrip tag.

“Storing necessary items in secure compartments and tidying the car regularly can also prevent items flying around the car or even getting lodged under the driving pedals in the event of sudden braking.”


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