Richard loses five stone to become ‘Man of the Year’

New research by Slimming World suggests that many men don’t like to ask for help to manage their weight. Yet local man Richard Hackett had the strength to look past that and has lost an amazing five stone in eight months since joining the Shamrock Lodge Slimming World group last October. Not only that, he was recently named their Man of the Year for 2016.

Like many men, Richie thought that slimming clubs were aimed at women and assumed the focus would be on ‘diet’ food. However, he decided to give it a try after his GP told him that he needed to lose about four stone for health reasons. After meeting consultant Sinead at a promotion in a local supermarket, Richie decided to join and was pleasantly surprised to find that the practical support, camaraderie, and sense of competition appealed to him. He also enjoyed following Slimming World’s eating plan, which is based on satiety and energy density, enabling him to enjoy generous portions of healthy food.

Richie says: “A lot of the problem for me was that I ate very little and managed most days on tea or coffee through the day, only eating in the evening, and then making less than healthy choices. I was anxious walking through those doors for the first time but I wasn’t the only man there and everyone was so supportive. Now I look forward to the sessions... I get some really good ideas as well as new recipe suggestions.

“I didn’t know what my friends would think about me attending Slimming World but everyone’s been right behind it. Once they realised I could still have a life they started to take an interest, and when they see me eating things like steak and homemade chips, chicken curry, or a roast dinner they always ask how it’s possible to eat like that and still lose weight. But what really had them sitting up and paying attention was how well I was losing weight.”

Richie found he had more energy, and now he’s enjoying life so much more. Consultant Sinead, who runs groups in the Shamrock Lodge Hotel and Garrycastle GAA Club, says she’s incredibly proud of Richie: “He has done brilliantly and we’re all amazed by his transformation. He’s a real inspiration to the group. I would advise anyone who would like to lose weight to find the courage to take that first step.”

Sinead’s Slimming World groups are in the Shamrock Lodge Hotel every Tuesday at 5.30pm and 7.30pm, and in Garrycastle GAA Club every Saturday morning at 10am. Pauline’s groups are in the Athlone Springs Hotel every Wednesday at 9.30am, 11.30am, 3.30pm, 5.30pm, and 7.30pm, and Geraldine’s groups are in Moate every Thursday at 7.30pm.

Anyone interested in joining a group can pop along, or for more information call Sinead on (087 ) 6820759, Pauline on (087 ) 1878701, or Geraldine on (085 ) 8862333.


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