Smooth wrinkles away with hyaluronic acid supplements

Hyaluronic acid (HA ) is composed of hydrophilic (water attracting ) molecules which bind water and lubricate moveable parts of the human body, especially joints and muscles.

It is often found in good quality joint support products. HA is also often referred to as ‘nature’s moisturiser’ for its incredible moisturising properties, especially when used in skincare products.

HA also cushions nerves and the ends of bones forming a barrier against disease. The skin, however, is the most important area of HA activity in our body, making up about 50 per cent of the total HA in our bodies. It contributes to the viscosity (thickness ) of synovial fluid (which cushions joints ) and to the vitreous gel of the eye. This fills the space between the lens and the retina of the eyeball and gives the eye its spherical shape.

It is collagen that gives the skin its firmness, but HA that nourishes and hydrates the collagen. HA acts as a ‘space-filler’ in dermal layers between skin cells by binding to water, therefore keeping the skin wrinkle-free. It has a long-lasting effect, making skin soft, smooth, and elastic, especially in the face. It is, incidentally, this very same hyaluronic acid that is injected in areas in the face as a cosmetic filler in the beauty industry.

HA is a crucial component to skin tissue reconstruction following trauma and is a regulator of the wound healing process providing the necessary structural nutrition to form a matrix of new tissue.

For those interested in supplementing with hyaluronic acid, Susan of Au Naturel recommends Higher Nature’s Hyaluronic Acid, which has a very small particle size making it very well absorbable, or Nature’s Plus Ageloss Skin Support, which contains not only HA but also collagen, glucosamine, PABA, MSM, and many other skin nutrients. Syno-Vital is a liquid equivalent; this company also produce a lovely HA facial serum.

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