Free ear wax removal for over 55s in Athlone

Hidden Hearing, Athlone is offering free professional ear wax removal to persons over 55 years of age on Monday, August 8. Clients will also receive a free hearing screening to further diagnose or rule out any hearing issues. The procedure is performed by a hearing care professional who has received specialist training in both ear irrigation and dry mopping from Aston University in Birmingham.

Ear wax is a naturally occurring substance in the ear canal and helps to keep ears healthy and prevent infection. In most cases, ear wax works its way out of the ear on its own; however, if it is blocking the ear canal and causing hearing loss it may need removing. Hidden Hearing is now offering a free service to check the health of the ears and identify excessive ear wax.

Speaking about the service, Hidden Hearing marketing director, Dolores Madden, said: “We are delighted to be offering this service to our customers in Athlone and the surrounding areas as we see a lot of people in our clinics with ear wax build-up. In many cases, an aural issue will not be hearing loss-related, but simply a build-up of too much ear wax. However, if left untreated, excessive ear wax can cause hearing loss and interfere with a hearing test or the use of a hearing aid.

“Until now the options have been expensive costing up to €60, but now Hidden Hearing offers a free solution for over 55s.”

To book an appointment contact Hidden Hearing, Athlone on 1800 882 884 or call in to 2A and 2B, John Broderick Street. Check for further details.



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