Pressure on motorists to secure cover for older vehicles untenable – Troy

Fianna Fáil Spokesperson for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Robert Troy, says the Government must take urgent action to tackle “exorbitant motor insurance costs”, particularly for older vehicles.

Speaking amid reports that insurance companies are refusing to quote insurance cover for vehicles 15 years old or more, Deputy Troy said: “My party colleagues across the country and I are being contacted by constituents with a motor car older than 15 years being told that they cannot get insurance. We demand that insurance companies end the policy of not providing cover to older cars when motorists can prove that they are roadworthy, safe to drive, and NCT covered.

“We would expect all motorists to ensure their cars are road legal. The NCT is among the most rigorous in the EU and while it is perfectly reasonable for an insurer to request a valid copy of its current certificate, a refusal to quote for older motors is simply unacceptable. This is one of the factors ultimately contributing to higher prices for some motorists and we have sought more transparency so the public knows how much premiums should be.”

Deputy Troy said the Irish Motor Industry has warned that thousands of vehicles could become worthless due to non-realistic criteria, despite the fact that they have been given NCT certification. Deputy Troy also spoke of the knock-on effects this is all having.

“This heavily affects trade-ins as well as younger people with limited budgets to become new drivers,” he said. “The current scenario is that they are forced to spend more on insurance than on a sound vehicle, but there is an onus on this Government to ensure our new, younger drivers are in safer cars.”

A Fianna Fail motion passed in the Dáil last month called for the introduction of practical measures such as the re-establishment of the Motor Insurance Advisory Board on a time limited basis; greater disclosure around policy renewal notifications; and action on the settlement of cases and dealing with false and exaggerated claims.

Deputy Troy said the passing of the motion was the first step in a process that aims to clamp down on motor insurance premiums, but called on the Government to take the appropriate action to tackle “motor insurance rip-offs” and “alleviate the pressure experienced by motorists”.



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