Restaurants Association of Ireland launches Foodie Destinations 2016

The search for Ireland’s top Foodie Destinations 2016 is currently underway. Foodie Destinations, formerly known as Foodie Towns, celebrates Ireland’s unique and wonderful food offerings and encourages local food tourism initiatives across the country.

The competition will see towns, villages, regions, and communities from all over the country battle it out to be named Ireland’s top destination for a foodie experience.

The winner will be a destination that actively promotes itself through joint promotional activities such as food festivals, gourmet trails, or farmers’ markets as well as great dining experiences for locals and visitors alike.

The 2016 Foodie Destinations winner will have established a local producer/supplier network which is utilised and promoted by local businesses. Plans for future growth and investment into the food and hospitality industry at a local level will also be taken into consideration by Foodie Destinations judges. Education, training, development, and employment will be key components of the ultimate Foodie Destination.

Communities across the country are urged to get involved and work with local businesses, foodie groups, Chambers of Commerce and other working groups to submit their applications and promote their area to both local people and visitors.

President of the Restaurants Association of Ireland, Anthony Gray, said: “All over Ireland, local community initiatives are shaping the food, hospitality and tourism industry at ground level. This is our opportunity to recognise these towns and communities for the amazing work they are doing to put Ireland at the forefront of culinary tourism.

“Irish people take great pride in their localities and the dynamic nature of the hospitality industry will serve to prove that there are destinations in every pocket of the country worth visiting.”

Applications can be made online and will be accepted until Thursday, August 11. Applications will be reviewed by a panel of experts and 10 finalists will be announced in August. Each of these 10 finalists will receive a two-hour visit from two of Ireland’s top food critics. Online voting will commence through and the public vote will count for 50 per cent of the total score. The winner will be announced in early September.

For further information or to enquire about sponsorship opportunities contact the Restaurants Association of Ireland on (01 ) 6779901 or visit


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