Toyota launches innovative ‘Hybrid Challenge’

Toyota Ireland has launched its innovative ‘Hybrid Challenge’ promotion, a first in Europe. It provides a risk-free incentive to anyone interested in switching to a Toyota Hybrid.

Toyota says that hybrid sales in Ireland have increased by more than 100 per cent this year. As leaders in hybrid technology, Toyota wants to continue this momentum and encourage drivers to experience the myriad of benefits hybrid offers compared to their current diesel-powered vehicles.

Anyone who purchases a new 162 Toyota hybrid between now and July 31 has the option to hand it back within six months, if they change their mind, in exchange for a new 2017 diesel or petrol equivalent model.

To qualify for the Hybrid Challenge offer, drivers must take a free 24 hour test drive in their Toyota hybrid model of choice, and purchase a 162 Toyota hybrid before July 31.

Commenting on the announcement, Michael Gaynor, marketing director at Toyota Ireland, said: “With the Hybrid Challenge, we are providing the easiest, most risk-free way for Irish drivers to explore a better way of driving, and are so confident that once people experience driving a Toyota hybrid they will love the smoother, quieter, more stress-free drive and won’t want to ever switch back.”

Toyota’s list of benefits of hybrid cars

Up to 40 per cent better fuel efficiency: Due to the hybrid system having the unique ability to recycle energy other cars waste, drivers benefit from fuel economy of up to 94mpg, providing up to 40 per cent better fuel efficiency than an equivalent diesel engine.

About 30 per cent less maintenance costs: Hybrid owners will enjoy up to 30 per cent less maintenance costs when compared to a non-hybrid vehicle, due to a variety of reasons including the fact that hybrids do not have a clutch and have less wear and tear on items like brake discs and tyres.

Affordability: Contrary to some beliefs, Toyota hybrids are a lot more affordable than people think, with prices starting from €19,250 or €169 a month.

Environmentally friendly: Combining a petrol engine and an electric motor means that Toyota hybrids emit from just 70g CO2/km, which is incredibly low for a family car.

Peace of mind: In addition to the three-year manufacturer’s warranty, all Toyota hybrids come with a five-year hybrid component warranty.



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