I’ve just been called for a job interview, now what do I do?

Here are some of tips from career coach, Padraig O'Connor to aid you the next time you are asked to an interview.

It is certain you will be asked questions about your potential employer. At the least you will need to know the products and services they offer, together with some information about their size, sector, and turnover/profits. Check the company's website or Google them to see what information you find.

Anticipate the questions you will be asked. It is likely you will be asked to give a summary of your career, achievements, and what attracts you to the role. Prepare answers by writing them out and work on them until they are balanced and succinct. Have mock interviews with a career professional, trusted family member, or friend to boost your confidence.

Never arrive late. Know where you need to go, how you will get there, and how long it will take. Allow for delays to your journey and aim to arrive early. Avoid last-minute panic by deciding what to wear the day before and be sure to dress for the occasion. Have all documentation such as references ready the day before.

First impressions matter, so when you meet your interviewers be sure to shake hands, make eye contact and smile. Be positive in your outlook and always be polite. Answer questions honestly. If you do not understand a question ask for clarification.

Avoid saying anything negative about previous employers. Finally, have questions prepared to ask at the end of the interview if you are invited to do so.

If you follow these tips it will increase your chances significantly of securing the job you interview for.


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