Fans take to the road and spend €2,000 on average to attend Euros

Dedicated members of the Green Army making the trip to France for the European Championship will be shelling out up to €2,000 for the pleasure of shouting on the boys in green.

In a survey carried out by Continental Tyres, it emerged that some 45 per cent of fans who are planning on travelling to France will spend up to €2,000 for the trip. Some 27 per cent said that they will spend less than €1,000. A more privileged group or, perhaps, a more indebted group of fans (22 per cent ), say they will spend between €2,000 and €4,000 across the two weeks of the group stages.

It looks like most fans will be throwing caution to the wind as 79 per cent say they will stay on if Ireland get out of the group stage. The vast majority of fans (70 per cent ) are hoping to attend all three matches as part of a 1,400km road or train trip. While for those attending just one match, Lille is the most popular option with 15 per cent making the pilgrimage to the northern French city.

The survey showed that two out of three of respondents booked their own flights and accommodation rather than using a travel company/agent. Recreating Joxer’s memorable trip to Stuttgart in 1988 in a Hiace, 13 per cent of fans surveyed intended depart for France in a van or camper. Just 7 per cent were planning to drive to France in a car.



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