Nature’s Plus proteins at Au Naturel

Sunflower protein is a complete protein because it provides all of the essential amino acids. Its most noteworthy feature is its high concentration of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs ) - Valine, Leucine and Isoleucine - which are well known for their ability to promote muscle growth and strength. Sunflower protein isn’t just for bodybuilders and athletes; seniors use BCAAs together with exercise to help counter the muscular decline of ageing. An additional benefit of BCAAs is the support of nitric oxide production, which nutritionally supports vascular function, brain function, and healthy reproductive organ function.

Nature’s Plus Organic Sunflower Protein is perhaps the nicest tasting protein; each serving contains also 50mg of a digestive enzyme blend and it is delicious in rice or almond milk.

Pea protein has become a primary choice for dieters, those looking to tone up, and athletes with strict body-weight limits. It is sought by people who want to control their weight because of its ability to suppress hunger better than just about any other protein studied. Helping you feel fuller for longer, Nature’s Plus Organic Pea Protein helps you resist the urge to eat too much and snack between meals. Each serving also contains 50mg of a digestive enzyme blend.

A high-protein smoothie for breakfast is a perfect start to the day if you are trying to lose weight, as it gets your metabolism going, which is important first thing in the morning.

These plant-based protein powders are nutrient-dense and rich in enzymatic activity which aid digestion and provide sustained and natural energy. As well as breakfast they could also be taken pre- or post-exercise to help muscles recover, especially after a particularly hard workout. Nature’s Plus Pea protein is ideal for those with sensitive stomachs.

Nature’s Plus proteins are organic; GMO- and gluten-free; contain no sugar, sweeteners, or preservatives; and are priced at €25.50 per tub. While stocks last receive a litre of Vitariz Organic rice milk with almond per purchase to get you started, and enjoy!

For further information contact Susan in Au Naturel, Irishtown, Athlone on (090 ) 6487993.



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