Bring personality to your home with Cormar Carpets

According to Cormar Carpets, a new carpet in a fashionable shade is the key to putting a stamp on your home interior.

"Decorating your home is a personal thing," says David Cormack, marketing director of Cormar Carpets. "It's the place you go to unwind, relax, recharge and be inspired. It should be an extension of your personality and reflect your passions. Injecting colour or texture into your home is sometimes easier said than done. It's often difficult to know where to start and even harder to know where to stop. We are often afraid to experiment with new colour palettes, sticking to hues we know work well."

The first place to start adding character to a room is with a new floorcovering. The colour and texture chosen can make or break the mood of a room. Positive personas hankering for open, bright, airy space can enhance the look with a light-coloured carpet. Instead of opting for a safe neutral, plump for a soft pastel shade such as Mountain Sage from Sensation Twist or Nordic Sky from the Oaklands collection. Both add a slightly fresher feel to a room while still providing a calming backdrop to other furniture and furnishings.

Those who dare can choose from a plethora of bold shades from deep purples to scarlet reds and inky blacks. Use in a large, open area such as hallway or stairs for a strong contemporary feel. Keep ceiling and walls light and neutral for maximum impact.

If mysterious and moody are your make-up traits, experiment in the bedroom with a dramatic look. Team a statement carpet with striking walls and brightly coloured accessories to make a room pop. Cormar's Primo Excellence in Pontiac Blue is bang on trend and adds instant fashion cred.

The current fashion for deep pile carpets with a silk-like effect are a defining mood-setter in silvery greys or deep charcoals. Cormar's range of Sensation carpets are made from 100 per cent Luxelle, a fibre that has all the easy clean benefits of a polypropylene carpet.

Alternatively, a textured wool loop carpet such as Avebury or Bouclé Neutrals can make a floor a real feature, adding the contemporary look of modern flooring with the warmth and comfort of wool. The beauty of textured or striped wool carpets is that they add an extra dimension to a living space. Keep the room classic with light stripes or textures and team with soft neutrals on walls for a timeless feel.

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