Neuter your pets this Athlone Spay Week

In conjunction with Athlone Spay Week, Athlone Animal Welfare is encouraging pet owners to get their cats and dogs spayed or neutered.

Athlone Spay Week takes place from April 21-30, and a number of local vets have come on board to offer discounts to the public for spay and neuter procedures during these 10 days.

Glasson Veterinary Surgery, Athlone Veterinary Hospital, Bonavalley, and Athlone Veterinary Clinic in Connaught Street are all offering discounts on cat and dog neutering and spaying, in order to to encourage members of the public to bring their pets in during this time.

Each year, thousands of animals are at risk on our streets - neglected, abandoned, and on the verge of meeting a poor fate. Despite the efforts of animal welfare organisations working to rehabilitate homeless animals, there are many that are still overlooked due to limited spaces and a lack of caring homes for adoption. A dog can produce 12 puppies in one litter and a cat can have five to six kittens per litter each season.

Neutering or spaying is the surgical removal of the animal’s reproductive organs. The process is quite simple and not very costly, and can be carried out easily by a local vet.

Neutering can increase your pet’s life span and reduces the chances of testicular cancer significantly for your male pet, while spaying can prevent risk of mammary, uterine, or ovarian cancer.

During the mating season, animals can be rather aggressive. If kept indoors, they can turn their frustration on furniture or even people. A male pet on heat is at risk of escaping its owner in pursuit of a female partner, and in that time is a danger to itself and other animals. It is best to get them neutered as soon as they come of age, in consultation with your local vet.

In order to avail of the discount during Athlone Spay Week, members of the public must contact Athlone Animal Welfare directly to receive a discounted voucher code. Please email [email protected] or call (085 ) 1657200.

For more information see, or see Athlone Animal Welfare on Facebook or Twitter.



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