One-of-a-kind creations from Brian Hynes

Brian Hynes is a native of Baylin, Athlone. Inspired early in his life by watching his father making walking sticks and fashioning other wooden objects, Brian entered the timber crafts industry at the remarkably young age of 14.

Despite spending years creating unique and imaginative pieces, Brian says he never had enough faith in his work to make a real go of it. This all changed when he began exhibiting his work publicly, when he received positive feedback from both friends and strangers alike.

Since then Brian has exhibited some of his original works in The Corner House Bistro, in the centre of Athlone. He is quick to praise the management at The Corner House for the support they have given to him and to many more local artists, writers, and poets by providing space to display their work.

Impressively, Brian’s creations are made almost entirely from recycled materials. They provide the perfect opportunity to acquire one-of-a-kind items that will not be found anywhere else, and are the ideal gift for any occasion.

Anyone interested in checking out Brian’s creations can still visit The Corner House Bistro. Although the exhibition has officially ended, Brian’s works remain for all to see.

If you would like further information on the items created by Brian, email [email protected] or call (087 ) 1373017. Alternatively, visit Brian Hynes Facebook page and see some of the imaginative creations he has to offer.


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