Did you know that laser is now more affordable than waxing and shaving?

Like all women out there, you’ve probably tried every possible form of hair removal, just to try and keep yourself looking good and feeling even better about yourself. Am I right?

Plucking? Check. Shaving? Tick. Waxing? Yes, that too. And you know what, there are just three things that any of these methods can guarantee: A, you will keep on having to spend money on treatments; B, the solution will be temporary simply because the hair will always re-grow; and C, it will be painful!

So the question is, why bother putting yourself through these frustrating hair removal techniques, when you can readily avail of laser treatment, which will not only guarantee to leave you hair-free for life, but will also save you a small fortune into the bargain?

Therapie Clinic, Ireland’s leading laser hair removal specialist - and winner of the world’s best laser award for 2015 - has already carried out over 400,000 laser treatments, using the best medical grade laser equipment available on the market.

And with laser hair removal treatment available from just €29 per treatment, it doesn’t take a financial whizz to realise that, as well as guaranteeing to leave you completely hair-free on the treated areas, it will save you a small fortune; because I bet you didn’t realise that women spend, on average, upwards of €10,000 on hair removal alone, did you?

Call Therapie Clinic, Garden Vale, Athlone today on 1890 650 750 to arrange a free consultation.


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