Milking it! Ziaja launch new goat’s milk hair care range

Bring winter hair back to life with Ziaja’s new goat’s milk strengthening hair care products, created especially to restore stressed-out hair. Winter can be harsh on your hair as constant changes in humidity from the cold air outside and indoor central heating leave it brittle, frizzy, and dried out.

Ziaja goat’s milk hair products combine keratin and goat’s milk proteins to rebuild damaged hair structure, improve its flexibility, and prevent brittleness resulting in an increase in shine and volume, and less frizz. Our hair consists of 90 per cent keratin proteins that are constantly being stripped out due to environmental and chemical stress. Ziaja goat’s milk hair products replenish the proteins and nutrients to your strands and restore them to their natural state. All of the products are dermatologically and allergy tested and no Ziaja product or ingredients are tested on animals.

The Ziaja milky TLC for hair range includes Goat’s milk strengthening shampoo with keratin (€3.99/400ml ); Goat’s milk strengthening hair conditioner (€2.99/200ml ); and Ziaja Goat’s milk strengthening hair mask (€3.99 ) - an intense moisturising and strengthening treatment for over-processed or damaged hair.

Look out for twin packs of Goat’s milk shampoo and conditioner at pharmacies nationwide, or shop online for a 20 per cent discount on all Ziaja haircare products at during February 2016.


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