Changing daily habits for better results?

Here are some small changes to your daily habits that should give you some great results.

Water: You will need to be drinking one litre of water per 25kg bodyweight. If you are struggling, just commit to two litres of water a day.

Shop for fresh produce: Go shopping on a Sunday and Wednesday/Thursday. Your shopping list should be full of fresh vegetables, fruits and lean proteins, so it is best to shop every three to four days to ensure you always have fresh produce.

Prepare your meals the night before: Preparation will be key. If you are not prepared with all your meals for the day you will not succeed. You will need to make food preparation a habit. It gets easier and you will become more efficient at it; and it will be worth it in the long run.

Sleep: If you are not getting adequate sleep you will not burn fat no matter how good your diet and training is. You need eight hours of sleep a night if you are to recover and control stress levels.

Cruciferous vegetables: Eat as many cruciferous vegetables as possible on a daily basis (two serving’s daily minimum ). These include broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, turnip, kale, watercress and brussel sprouts. The more cruciferous vegetables you can consume the better.

Rotate Your Foods: Eating the same thing too frequently will result in food sensitivities where you will not derive the same nutritional value from the foods. Mix them and rotate on a daily basis.

Breakfast: Eat breakfast straight after your morning workouts. Make sure you have breakfast within 30 minutes of your team workout; your body will need to calories/nutrients to recover.


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