Improve your home and de-clutter after Christmas

Christmas time doesn’t just mean the arrival of Santa; it also means a host of new items winging their way into your home. To help you make room for all your new gadgets and gifts, WEEE Ireland have created the ultimate clean-up list for keeping your home tidy and stress-free after the festive season.

Keep, recycle, donate - go through your rooms, making a list of what can be kept and what you can send to a better place. Whether this means recycling old electrical toys and gadgets, or donating those ignored books and clothes to friend, relative, or a charity, follow this simple rule - if you haven’t used it in a year, get it out of here!

Hold a swap night with friends or family. A fun way to ‘gift on’ and reuse unwanted or unused gifts and maybe pick up something you need instead.

When you buy something new or receive a gift, get rid of something old. Once you are replacing an old item for every new one that comes in to the house, you are keeping potential clutter under control.

Recycle old electrical appliances. Still hanging on to that old hair straightener or toaster, hoping it will be of use again? Take the opportunity to get rid of anything with a plug or battery that no longer works. Simply bring it to your local civic amenity site, or bring it back to your electrical retailer when replacing it with like for like. Log on to for more information.

Check for waste batteries throughout the house and replace them. Recycle the old ones (check toys and remote controls ) at your local retailer wherever you see the blue battery box.

Energy efficient lightbulbs come in every shape in size. LED bulbs and lights are becoming more affordable and accessible. Hardware shops, lighting suppliers, and recycling centres have special bins for these types of bulbs so be sure to recycle responsibly when the lights go out!



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