Get your winter tyres sorted at Athlone Tyre Depot

Athlone Tyre Depot, conveniently located on the Roscommon Road, has a great selection of winter tyres at affordable prices.

And even if you think your tyres are fine, you would be wise to pull in, especially at this time of year, to avail of some of their free checks on a whole range of vehicle types.

Proprieter Michael Reilly has been open some 13 years, and during this time has built up a team of experts, from the front desk to the mechanics, and a range of services second to none. Athlone Tyre Depot offers not just tyres, it offers a comprehensive list of mechanical services, including pre-NCT testing,wheel alignment, puncture repair, brake, shock, battery and exhaust replacement, and welding.

All types of vehicle are catered for - cars, vans, trucks, tractors and other agricultural machinery, even lawnmowers - in fact, if it’s got tyres, they’ll fix it!

The team at Athlone Tyre Depot are always happy to perform a number of free checks, if there is some aspect of your vehicle that you are concerned about. These include tyre pressure and tread depth, which with the change in road conditions at this time of year are two of the most important checks that should be made. Aquaplaning and skidding are all too common in the wetter months, and the better the tyre tread, the less chance of this happening. All cars, old and new, should have their tyre pressure checked regularly; each vehicle model has different specifications, while different loads and uses should also be taken into consideration.

At the moment there is a special deal to be had on Firestone tractor tyres, so why not check them out for extra grip in the months to come.

And if you are unlucky enough to break down, there is a 24-hour callout service available - all you have to do is ring Paul on (086 ) 2075699.

You can be sure of a friendly welcome, good advice, and all-year-round maintenance and service facilities at Athlone Tyre Depot. Their opening times are 8.30am-6pm Monday to Friday, and 9.30am- 4.30pm Saturday.

For more information contact (090 ) 6444690.



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