Naughten welcomes new paediatric nursing posts at Portiuncula A&E

The recruitment of paediatric nurses to fill new posts in the A&E department at Portiuncula Hospital, Ballinasloe, has been warmly welcomed by Deputy Denis Naughten.

The HSE recently confirmed to Deputy Naughten that one paediatric nurse has now taken up a position in A&E at the hospital with a further three paediatric nurses set to take up posts. This is in addition to the recruitment of an additional general staff nurse for A&E.

“The recruitment of these additional posts for what is a very busy emergency department is extremely welcome,” Deputy Naughten said. “Once these posts are all in place I understand it is the intention of the hospital to have a paediatric nurse on duty in A&E at all times to assess children attending and to liaise with their families.

“This move will be welcome news for families whose children need to attend A&E and the new posts will hopefully address what can often be long waiting periods during busy periods. I understand this recruitment has taken place in conjunction with other measures to review current practices with the aim of reducing waiting times for children in A&E.

“I have also highlighted with the Saolta Hospital Group Management the need for additional consultants in the hospital and A&E to deal with the growing demands being placed on Portiuncula and I understand that a recruitment process is currently underway to fill these vacancies, which will further reduced the time which all patients spend in the hospital.”


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