Anti-wrinkle injections with Therapie Galway

Therapie clinic, Shop Street, Galway, is now offering anti-wrinkle treatments at its new weekly anti-wrinkle clinic.

There has been a shift in attitudes of late towards cosmetic enhancement, making anti-wrinkle injections and fillers more universally acceptable for men and women seeking to preserve their youthful visages. Remember the tell–tale signs of these treatments? The startled, frozen forehead and dramatically raised eyebrow.

Now the trend is leaning more towards a fresher, more natural, look, with practitioners using smaller amounts to allow for more movement. Leading the way in the latest techniques in facial cosmetics is one of Ireland’s top laser and skin clinics, Thérapie. There the anti-wrinkle injections are quick, easy, and have little to no downtime.

The results are visible within a couple of days and there is a fresh smooth appearance to the skin without informing anyone that you have had a procedure done. Therapie Clinic is now launching an official weekly anti-wrinkle clinic with its renowned doctor, offering treatments at the most affordable prices in Ireland.

The treatments eliminate lines, have no long-term side effects, rejuvenate the face, are non-surgical, and, with continued use, will prevent wrinkles from forming in the future.

Deirdre O’Dowd, clinic manager of Thérapie, says: “A lot of people have cut down on the shopping; gone are the days of expensive shoes and bags and plenty of people will forego the annual holiday to invest in their looks. The trend is absolutely for a more natural look, with lots of my clients simply being told how well–rested they look.”

For more information or to book a consultation with Thérapie Clinic on Shop Street phone (091 ) 539900



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