Mullingar’s Wallace Recycling launch in Athlone and Longford

Wallace Recycling keeps Westmeath clean

After many successful years catering for the people of Mullingar and surounding areas, Wallace Recycling is now expanding to Longford, Moate, and Athlone.

The only EPA (Environmental Protection Agency ) licensed waste facility in Westmeath, Wallace Recycling operates a successful waste management business. They pride themselves on an efficient service which caters for all their domestic, commercial, and industrial customers.


• Mini, standard, open/closed skip hire.

• 20/40 cubic yard roll-on roll-off skip hire.

• Domestic tag-a-bin refuse/recycling kerbside collection. Refuse weekly - recycling fortnightly.

• Recycling (bags ) kerbside collection.

• Commercial bin collections.

• Office recycling collections

• All waste assessments/audits.

• A centrally located one-stop-shop transfer station, for those clear outs!

Why is it so important to recycle?

• Recycling saves energy, thus reducing acid rain, global warming, and air pollution.

• Recycling paper uses 60 per cent less energy than manufacturing paper from virgin timber.

• Recycling a glass jar saves enough energy to light a bulb for 4 hours.

• Recycling conserves valuable material resources.

• Recycling metals minimizes the need for mining new materials and decreases the damage to wilderness.

• Recycling cuts down on landfill.

Wheelie bins

Wallace Recycling provides a weekly wheelie bin collection service to both their domestic and commercial customers. The domestic wheelie bin tags can be bought in local shops or at Wallace Recycling Ltd.

Due to overwhelming public demand, they have introduced a second bin lorry to collect your recyclables fortnightly. By using this initiative you will be able to save money on your weekly refuse collection. By not putting recyclable materials into your bin, not only will you be leaving more capacity for refuse, but you will also be doing your bit for the environment.

Office recycling

• White or coloured paper with or without logos or printing.

• White or brown, window, or sealed used envelopes.

• Used computer printout paper.

• Glossy brochures/ papers.

• Matt finish colour brochures.

• Old faxes, invoices, statements, letterheads, quotations, etc.

• Junk mail, manilla folders

• Phonebooks, etc.

• Commercial office clear outs

For once-off clear outs of office furniture - a quotation can be provided on request.

• Confidential shredding:

They provide a confidential shredding service for old out-of-date accounts, old letters, printouts, faxes, invoices, letterheads, statements, credit notes, etc.



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