The NYX guide to blush and all things cheeky!

Just because it’s wintertime doesn’t mean we can’t have a natural, sexy glow to our cheeks all season long!

NYX Cosmetics blush is amazing at achieving a subtle but stunning glow that can transform your look in one touch of a brush.

For a lot of women, blush is a product that makes people nervous to use on their cheeks. This is because most shades of blush have a strong pigmentation and it is perceived as being difficult to use. NYX Cosmetics give their top easy tips on how to use and apply:

· To apply to your cheeks, smile at yourself in the mirror and dot on the apples of your cheeks. Use your blusher brush or finger to blend towards the temples to give a subtle, sculpted glow. It’s important to apply high up on the apple of your cheeks so that your cheek looks lifted.

· Avoid applying blush high up on the cheek bones, as this area is for bronzer and blush will only create a longer face and shorten your forehead.

· Always make sure you tap off any excess blush so you don’t apply too much on the cheek.

· Try to choose a shade that matches your cheeks when flushed or pick a hue that matches your lip colour so you ensure your cheeks look naturally blushed and not overdone. The NYX Cosmetics blush in Angel, €7.49 is a shade that looks stunning on all skin tones.

· Powder blushes are amazing for women prone to oily skin.

· When choosing a blush or bronzer it’s important to find one that will illuminate the skin. Pastels, such as pretty peaches like the NYX Cosmetics powder blush Peach, €7.49 will brighten up your skin and highlight your face in all the right places.

· For first time blushers, start off with a light pink or coral pigment like NYX Cosmetics powder blush Pinched, €7.49 and if you want something brighter go with a rose colour or deeper plum shade like the NYX Cosmetics powder blush Rose Garden, €7.49 if your skin tone is more sallow and warmer in tones.

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