Shoppers donate almost 3,000 meals to charity

Amost 3,000 meals of surplus food from Tesco stores in Westmeath have been donated to local charities across the county since the roll-out of its FoodCloud partnership last July.

A variety of Westmeath-based charities are receiving food donations from their local Tesco store on a weekly basis to help support their community causes which include helping the homeless, meals on wheels delivery services, or weekly socialising dinners for the elderly.

Recognising the positive impact of the initiative, and leading the charge in tackling food waste in the retail industry, Tesco is now encouraging customers across Westmeath to take a look at their own ‘waste-line’ to see if they can reduce their food waste by just 1kg per week (or one bag of sugar ), saving up to 114 meals per year and also benefiting their pockets.


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