Safety and training event at The Shamrock Lodge Hotel

Do you use a chainsaw or are you thinking of buying one? Get free, expert advice from the number one name in bars, chains, and forestry accessories worldwide.

Despite what is available in the marketplace today it is ill advised to purchase a tool such as a chainsaw without asking some specific questions from a trained professional salesperson, such as:

What experience do I have using a chainsaw?

What is the intended use of the chainsaw?

How often will I use the chainsaw?

Some fairly simple questions but essential in ensuring you leave the store with the correct unit and advice.

A simple way of helping you decide what saw might suit your needs is by knowing the four types of saw commonly available today: professional - intended for and capable of full-time professional use; all-round saws - a robust range of saws designed for part-time use; recreational - easy to operate, small, intended for infrequent use; and tree care saws - these units are developed specifically for professional use.

When carrying out any sort of maintenance or DIY do you ever consider your surroundings and how they might impact on you whilst carrying out your job and in the event of an emergency? These coupled with the correct periodical maintenance checks are essential to you for completing your tasks in a safe and prompt manner. And if you are unsure of any of the above or would like to learn more, the experts are coming to town.

Oregon, the number one name in bars and chains worldwide, in association with Pro Trailers & Machinery are hosting the safety and training event in The Shamrock Lodge Hotel, Clonown Road, Athlone on January 14 with Husqvarna head of service in Ireland, Andy Walsh, offering free advice on how best to maintain your chainsaw and stay safe.

The event will start at 7pm and no bookings are necessary.

There will be over €600 worth of Oregon PPE given away at the event, a chainsaw safety book, free chain sharpening vouchers to be used in-store, and many other incentives to attend.

Tea and coffee will be provided and the event is completely free of charge.


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