It’s nearly panto time again!

Anne Hoey and Nicola Ross ahead of January’s panto

Anne Hoey and Nicola Ross ahead of January’s panto

Rehearsals are coming to a close for this year’s Dean Crowe panto, the wonderful Beauty and the Beast - and everyone is so excited because this magical story will have all the boys and girls and all the mammies and daddies totally enchanted and splitting their sides laughing.

The prince has been cursed and has to live his life as a beast. He has been waiting for a hundred years for a beautiful girl to fall in love with him and break the spell. Will Belle, the beautiful daughter of Maurice, the local toymaker, be the one to save the prince? We all hope so!

Will anyone be able to stop the evil Hertz Van Rental from stealing all Maurice’s new toy creations and winning the toy fair and bagging all the prize money for himself? Well you will just have to come to the Dean Crowe theatre from Thursday January 8 to Sunday January 11 to find out. The show is on at 7.30pm with a matinee on the Saturday and Sunday at 2pm.

This is one of Disney’s best loved stories told through the medium of pantomime, including such memorable and hilarious characters as Gaston and Mrs Potts played by Dermot McManus and Petrova Mulvey. Kieran Kilduff and Edel Moriarty take on the roles of the prince/beast and the beautiful Belle. Paul McCarrick and Jared Madden show their comic prowess in the roles of Latrine and Lumiere and Benny Irwin gives a masterly display of comic timing as the toymaker, Maurice. John McGlynn plays the baddie, the evil Hertz Van Rental with Mags Mulligan taking on the role of Collette, the girl who always gets her man!

Anne Hoey is the narrator who brings the whole show together. And Nicola Ross plays the irrepressible Noreen while John McGee takes on the difficult but hilarious role of The Statue.

The ever-talented Joan Larkin plays Isabelle and always lends a sense of calm to proceedings. The cast is completed by a wonderful chorus of 116 children and young adults, who steal the show with their talent.

Book now for this fantastic show!

For more information log on to or call (090 ) 6492129.



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