Students - get help with your CAO application and choosing careers

The CAO process, choosing courses and possible future careers can be a big and often problematic experience for 6th year students. Robert Quinn, guidance counsellor with Athlone Guidance, is available for two 1 hour 20 minute sessions (total 2 hours 40 minutes ) at a total cost of €100. Robert also helps students applying for UCAS, Án Garda Síochana, apprenticeships, HPAT, PLCs, and other courses of study and work. Robert also meets third, TY, and fifth year students to help them decide school subjects and contemplate future courses/careers.

For added peace of mind that your child is choosing the right path in life, contact Athlone Guidance at (086 ) 0521357 to arrange a consultation.

Athlone Guidance also offers expert tuition in the following LC and JC subjects: English, geography, French, and Spanish.


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