Naughten calls for Irish Water to be shelved

The inefficiencies within Irish Water clearly demonstrate that the organisation is not fit for purpose and the public should not be made to foot the bill, according to local TD Denis Naughten, who is calling for Irish Water to be shelved.

“People should not be asked to pay for inefficiencies within the water system or waste within Irish Water. In a submission made to the Regulator in May, I outlined that the timetable for the establishment of Irish Water was too tight and that has been shown to be the case. Irish Water has proven time and time again that it is not fit for purpose and we believe it should now be shelved,” said Deputy Naughten.

“At this stage, one month after the introduction of water charges, we still have no clear mechanism for older people and people with a disability to obtain allowances. We cannot get straightforward answers to basic questions from Irish Water. There is still confusion on how group water schemes and rural homes are to be levied for water.

“As a result, the scheme of charges that has been introduced by Irish Water is neither fair nor transparent, with half of all water paid for being wasted. People are sick of paying for waste and they cannot be asked to foot the bill for either water wastage or Irish Water maladministration.”


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