COPD roadshow comes to Westmeath

People of Westmeath are urged to take the Save Your Breath COPD challenge as the roadshow visits Westmeath.

Have you coughed several times a day for the past few months, with or without phlegm? Do you often feel breathless from physical work or moderate exercise? Have you been exposed to passive smoking, air pollution, fumes or dust over a long period, or are you a current or former smoker? Are you over 35 years of age and is there a history of lung conditions in your family?

With almost 50 people in County Westmeath dying from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD in 2013, a new national awareness campaign, Save Your Breath, has been launched by COPD Support Ireland to encourage people to know the symptoms and to visit their doctor if they have concerns. The campaign sees a roadshow visit the Greville Arms Hotel in Mullingar on Friday November 21 from 11am-3pm, offering free COPD screening to people over 35 years who are experiencing symptoms of persistent coughing, breathlessness, or frequent chest infections. Staff will also be on hand to provide quit smoking support, nutrition tips, and exercise, breathing, and inhaler technique advice.


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