The wonders of combining microdermabrasion with skin peels

To give your skin that added glow this August, The Laser and Skin Clinic are giving you a free skin peel with every microdermabrasion treatment.

What is the benefit of combining microdermabrasion with skin peels? If you want an instant glow to your skin without the downtime then a combination approach is very effective.

Microdermabrasion, using fine crystals to exfoliate the surface of your skin, will remove excess dead skin and help unclog pores. In turn this will prepare your skin to achieve better penetration when a skin peel or products are applied to treat whatever your skin concern.

Microdermabrasion physically removes the dead surface skin cells and stimulates collagen. Applying a superficial skin peel after a microdermabrasion allows for a deeper penetration of ingredients into your skin to treat many skin concerns such as oily, congested, dry, rough texture, sun damage, and many other skin concerns.

Love your skin for the month of August and receive a free skin peel with every microdermabrasion.

Call today to book your free skin consultation at Mullingar (044 ) 9347800, Athlone (090 ) 6498839, or Dublin (01 ) 6766527. Visit for more information.


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