Mindfulness and meditation course in Athlone

A mindfulness and meditation course, run by the Irish Mindfulness Institute, will take place in Athlone on Saturday May 17.

This course gives attendees a range of key mindfulness skills which they will be able to apply to enhance their personal lives. The theory behind mindfulness and the benefits offered from regular practice are also discussed.

Emphasis is placed on how attendees can bring mindfulness into their daily lives thus improving their mental and emotional wellbeing with a resultant increase in happiness levels. This course also combines other approaches to include CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ) and Positive Psychology which offers participants a total approach to lasting happiness and wellbeing in life.

The course offers: Practical techniques for mindfulness and meditation How to eliminate unwanted feelings by changing your thoughts How to be happier through learning tools from positive psychology How to reduce stress, worry, anxiety and other negative thinking styles How to uncover your true nature How to improve key relationships in your life.

See www.irishmindfulnessinstitute.ie for more details and to book your place.


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