Ten questions with... Aidan Davitt, Fianna Fáil

Aidan Davitt, Fianna Fáil

Aidan Davitt, Fianna Fáil

1. Why are you running?

To represent my locality and people to the best of my ability and assist in any way I can to improve my community.

2. What’s the big issue in your area?

Water charges, closure of the Army barracks and its fallout are the most active issue on doors in Mullingar town

3. Describe yourself in three words?

Accessible. Hard working. Honest.

4. What person do you admire the most?

Guys like Pat O’Toole, Matty Conaty, Kevin Lynch, Joe Maleady, and my father who have given a lifetime of service to their communities to enable people through the GAA - making the most of their lives. I also admire them and the rest of the sporting community that give so freely and at cost to themselves.

5. Can local councillors make a difference?

Yes, they are the interface for their local communities with most local services. Indeed there will be a greater reliance on the returning councillors due to the abolition of Mullingar and Athlone town councils.

6. If you could only get one project done in your area in the next few years, what is it?

Money for a scheme to improve cul de sac roads, as most are in an horrific state. I am also a big advocate of the Robinstown project and was delighted to recently propose that phase one of a new swimming pool becomes a reality during 2015.

7. What do you enjoy the most about politics?

Interaction with people, I’m a people’s person and I enjoy getting results for people and the harder the fight the more enjoyable the result.

8. What might people not know about you?

I was in South Africa on a couple of occasions with the Niall Mellon Charity. It really makes you appreciate more how lucky we are. To see first hand the suffering and conditions people have to endure is frightening and it makes me admire more John McCauley, Aidan Leavy, Gerry and Mary Gillen, and the other people from our locality who give so much to the most vulnerable.

9. What are you expecting to hear on the doorsteps?

Most issues; are local to their area and apart from the few already mentioned - water charges and wind turbine issues, also one-off planning and lack of jobs are always an issue.

10. If you had a theme tune for your campaign what would it be and why?

My wife Gillian is the music buff so I usually listen to what she’s playing. I will be looking for people’s number one in May and I hope the electorate see fit to return me. I’m a big U2 fan so ‘One’ would be my theme tune.


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