Six months for “scum” stalker

A man who terrorised his former partner despite her being the subject of a protection order, was described as being “no better than scum” as he was jailed for six months this week (February 19 ).

The court heard how the woman called gardaí on consecutive days last weekend to report how her former partner Brendan Marshall (52 ) of Slí na Coiste, Monksland was outside her house.

Inspector Nicholas Farrell explained how the victim had been granted a protection order on January 29, and that Marshall was also subject to bail conditions granted in Dublin that also required him to stay away from this address.

After recognising the defendant from a previous appearance in the family court, Judge Seamus Hughes took a dim view.

“This woman would’ve been the most terrorised person I’ve ever seen in court on account of the terror inflicted on her by this man,” said the judge.

“You said to me you were terrified of going to Castlerea [prison], and I said look over at that woman and see the terror on her face because of your disgusting actions. You are no better than scum,” said the judge to Marshall.

The defendant, who had been detained since his arrest on Sunday, told the judge that “the remand in custody frightened the life out of me” and that he was “ashamed” of himself.

His solicitor, Mr Mark Cooney, alluded to “a dark, underlying influence” in the life of his client, but that Marshall was attenting to this issue, and had recently gained an interview for the Cuan Mhuire rehab centre in Tuam.

“He needs the treatment,” said Mr Cooney.

“I’ve heard your plea, and I would have expected nothing less of you. He’ll get treatment alright. He’s going to a place where he’s not going to get any drink,” said the judge.

“The big picture is that this woman receives the protection she should’ve got a long time ago. She’s a sight to behold, to be pitied, by what this man has done to her,” said Judge Hughes, before sending Marshall down for six months.


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