New street sweeping schedule in place

Athlone town’s streets will be swept daily, the approach roads will be swept weekly, and the town’s estates will be swept on a six week rotation.

The new street-sweeping schedule was welcomed by the town’s councillors at their February council meeting, particularly because it now includes all the new estates which have been taken in charge in the town in the last three years.

“It’s great to have the schedule,” said Cllr Alan Shaw, who added that residents will be glad to see it.

However, there were concerns raised by Cllr Moran about horse fouling at The Derries.

He said people can’t put up with what’s on the road, caused by “horse after horse after horse”.

“It needs action,” he said, but director of services Hugh O’Reilly, who was sympathetic with residents, said some of the road at The Derries is not swept because it is deemed to be outside the Athlone urban area.

However, he said the council will take enforcement action in cases where people are known to be causing litter of any sort.

Cllr Moran also asked that the street cleaning equipment not cross the town bridge at 8.10am every morning where it holds up traffic which is already delayed by roadworks elsewhere in the town.

“Could ye not leave it until the middle of the day?” he asked, but was told there’s a schedule in place.

The street sweeping was described as a very important service by Cllr Aengus O’Rourke who said everyone in the town has an obligation to keep their own area tidy.

He called on all business people to ensure the paths outside their premises are kept well.

Earlier this week he had seen four business people out early sweeping their car parking areas, but everyone should do the same, he added.



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