Is your thyroid killing your weight loss and energy?

Nothing can affect your energy, health, and weight loss like low thyroid function. It can mean you are operating at 66 or 50 per cent of your normal power - mentally and physically!

It can make losing weight almost impossible because you burn 400 or 500 calories less than normal per day - no matter how much dieting or exercise you do.

Thyroid hormones affect the output of virtually every cell in the body. Low thyroid can be the root cause of depression. It can slow your digestion and cause constipation; affect energy production, fertility, and sex drive; cause weight gain; stress the body; and contribute to stomach fat.

Unfortunately current blood testing helps very little. The hormones typically tested (TSH and T4 ) do not give enough information. Many people who pass blood tests still have multiple signs of low thyroid function including low energy, constant fatigue, poor blood circulation, feeling unnaturally cold, slow bowel function, poor skin, and hair loss.

Many people feel very unwell with ‘subclinical’ thyroid, ie not medically diagnosed. Ageing, pregnancy, poor lifestyle habits (smoking, excess sugar, and alcohol ), illness, and over-medication lower thyroid function, and stress seriously lowers it.

Through good food, great nutrition, and precise exercise, System 10 works on building everyone’s thyroid up naturally. The results are amazing, not just in how you feel but how you look and the amazing weight and shape you can get back to. If you are struggling with your weight, energy, health, and zest for life, let System 10 turn back the clock for you.

Contact Edel at the Athlone clinic on (087 ) 6100395.


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