Compo saves man guilty of assault from jail

A drunk who assaulted another man nearly twice his age for no reason ended up paying €1,500 in compensation and fines this week (December 11 ) to avoid jail.

Earlier the court had heard how Patryk Ososko (25 ), with an address at Irishtown, Athlone had set upon Kevin Keary, a 43-year-old inspector with the Department of Agriculture in the early hours of November 25, 2012 on John Broderick Street whilst Mr Keary was walking his girlfriend home.

“Judge, the defendant spoke to the girlfriend, then for no reason attacked Mr Keary. He kicked him on the thigh, and swung him to the ground,” said Inspector Nicholas Farrell.

He went on to explain that Mr Keary attended his doctor whose report noted “soft tissue damage”, as well as a black eye, and that Mr Keary was off work for two weeks.

Ososko’s solicitor, Mr Owen Carty told the court his client had drunkenly assumed Mr Keary was attacking his girlfriend, but accepted her statement thoroughly refuted this.

“Are you still together?” Judge Seamus Hughes asked Mr Keary.

“We’re still in touch,” he replied.

“If I was to order a candlelit dinner...?” suggested the judge.

“That’d be acceptable,” agreed Mr Keary.

“It was very out of character, and he pleaded guilty at the first possible opportunity. He has no previous convictions, is in employment, and has a son with his partner, but it was a nasty assault. He doesn’t know why he did it. He believed there was some difficulties, but was in no position to make that decision,” said Mr Carty.

“I was very drunk,” said Ososko quietly.

“I have to ask are you a danger to society?” said the judge, as he weighed up the situation.

Mr Carty assured the judge he wasn’t, and told him: “We have in court the sum of €1,250 [for compensation]”.

“That’s right on the button,” said the judge, before turning back to Mr Keary.

“What happened to you should never have happened, and you’re lucky it wasn’t worse,” said the judge as the money was handed over.

“What happens with this?” asked Mr Keary of the €1,250.

“Well, I can offer a number of suggestions,” smiled the judge to a ripple of laughter through the court.

Mr Keary promised a charitable contribution, as the judge fined Osoko €250 in lieu of a prison sentence.


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