A night of spectacular traditional music

Rambling Irishman Frankie Gavin and De Dannan return to the Mullingar Arts Centre this Saturday November 30 with Jigs and Jazz II.

Frankie Gavin is one of the genuine legends of Irish music. From his first TV appearance playing the tin-whistle when he was six, to seven solo albums, his adventures in the realms of jazz, gospel, and klezmer, through to appearances and recordings with such luminaries as Earl Scruggs, Stephane Grapelli, Sir Yehudi Menuhin, and the Rolling Stones, the prince of Irish fiddlers is one of the outstanding performers of the past 30 years. Frankie is also the original founding member and band leader of internationally acclaimed traditional super group De Dannan.

Recorded live in McGrory’s in Donegal, Jigs and Jazz II captures the sweat and singed hairs of some cracking renditions, invigorated by the presence of a receptive audience. Underneath, though, lurks a sneaking suspicion that too much is sacrificed to pleasing the crowd, with De Dannan’s musical acrobatics ultimately detracting from the cohesion of the collection. As a snapshot of a live performance, it works, but it struggles to locate its own unifying forces.

Frankie Gavin states that the band was largely motivated to tour intimate settings in rural locations to bring their music to local communities and to save the people from rural Ireland the expense of travelling to established venues in bigger centres.

Electrifying is an adjective that’s too often used to describe certain performances but this is one instance where it’s absolutely unavoidable. If you’ve never been lucky enough to see Frankie Gavin and De Dannan perform live, prepare to be awe-struck. Mullingar is in for a special treat.

This is a must-see event in any traditional Irish music aficionado’s calendar. De Dannan comes to the Mullingar Arts Centre on November 30. Tickets are €17/€15 and are available by calling (044 ) 9347777.


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