Raising your vibration

According to quantum physics we are not just a physical body. Our presence doesn’t end at our skin line. We all have an energy field around us and energy centres which run through our body. Each one of us has an energy system unique to us which connects us to other living beings and to the universal energy all around us.

Because we create our energy with how we treat ourselves inside and out, we are responsible for our energy and our life experiences.

According to energy therapist Kate Mullins, here are some of the ways to increase your energetic vibrational frequency:

Slow down and get out of your space – make some time to relax, exercise, listen to music, or do something you really love. Walking outside can be very therapeutic.

Process your feelings and release them – this is not always easy but is healthier than hiding them away.

Practise meditation regularly – this helps calm the mind, body, and soul

Be compassionate – you don’t know what anyone else has been through or is going through

Submerge in water – swimming or taking a bath is very cleansing to the body and soul

Healthy eating – an occasional treat is also great

Laugh and smile – laughing is the best form of medicine

In addition, having regular Energy Therapy treatments such as Bio-Energy Therapy, Crystal Therapy, and Chakra and Aura Healing are excellent ways of raising your energetic vibrational frequency, thus keeping your body and immune system in tip-top condition.

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