Cocoa butter –  a summer bare necessity

Whether you’re after a body butter, body lotion, or balm, you can reap all of the skin benefits of cocoa butter by dipping into Ziaja’s super-moisturising and purse-friendly cocoa butter range.

One of our favourite new brands, Polish brand Ziaja has built a loyal Irish following in recent years. Their new range of velvety textured, sweet smelling cocoa butter treats are perfect for smooth, silky skin this summer.

The power of cocoa butter lies in its ability to penetrate past the top layer of skin - making it the perfect skincare ingredient for summer to tackle dry and heat sensitive skin. Its high vitamin E content calms irritated, sunburnt skin, while its hydrating benefits also help to prolong a tan.

Our holiday beauty staple is the Ziaja Cocoa Body Butter - a snip at only €7.99! A true multi-tasker, this body butter primes the skin for holiday sun and is a great after-sun product.

You can also try Ziaja’s Cocoa Butter Body Balm (€4.50 ), Cocoa Butter Scrub (€7.99 ), Cocoa Butter Creamy Shower Gel (€2.99 ), Cocoa Butter Hand Cream (€2.99 ), as well as a range of other treats to keep your skin beach-ready this summer!

The Ziaja range is available in your local pharmacy, or shop online at


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