Renew - peer support group meetings for Athlone

A new mental health peer support group has been established in Athlone.

Renew, which has existing groups in Dublin and the west of the country, is a group of people who understand that mutual support and personal exploration are key elements in overcoming emotional, psychological, and spiritual distress.

Any one of us can find that, at some point in our lives, we experience severe or overwhelming distress. The most common response in society to severe distress is to treat the experience as one of illness. People in overwhelming distress are frequently labelled as mad or psychotic, and given little hope of returning to full and thriving lives.

Dara White of Renew explained, “Amongst our members we have found that we have been able to make sense of our own experiences of distress in the light of our own histories and personalities. We define mental distress as a human condition and variation rather than a disorder, and believe that once we view people as distressed rather than ill, it opens up a wealth of opportunities to support the individual towards recovery and thriving. It’s about seeing experiences instead of symptoms and supporting each other in self-directed recovery and wellness in an atmosphere of dignity, respect, choice, and trust.”

Renew meetings in Athlone take place on the first and third Tuesday of each month and in these meetings experiences are shared, information is exchanged, and supportive friendships are formed. The meetings take place in 2 Garden Vale, Athlone at 8pm and the room is open from 7.45pm.

The next meeting of Renew in Athlone takes place on Tuesday June 18 at 8pm.

More information about Renew is available at and by contacting Dara White on (086 ) 8041625 or Jackie Gorman on (087 ) 7605824


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