Mullingar vs Athlone - who will you support?

For years now the rivalry between County Westmeath’s two biggest towns has been escalating. What has traditionally been friendly banter among the communities is now a full blown scrap as slanderous comments are hurled and mothers are insulted.

Now, as usual in such turbulent and media-attracting times, musicians are taking to the front line to defend the honour of their respective towns. SuperKidd Promotions has stepped in to offer a platform for these artists to represent their territories. The Stables will play host to their musical shenanigans on Saturday December 20 and Athlonians and Mullingarians are encouraged to come lend their support.

Representing Mullingar will be rockers Crimson who weigh in with their hefty combination of shock and awe rock n' roll and P45 who are Mullingar’s answer to the world’s current global economic crisis. While some might shirk at the responsibilty of carrying their town’s hopes and dream, both Crimson and P45 have made their point clear in the recent weeks - that Mullingar is the new Seattle, home of the finest bands and musicians this country has to offer.

Rejecting that claim with intensity not seen since the days of The Who, are Neodrach and Pariah. Both are integral parts of the rapidly expanding scene in Athlone and they are all set to prove their town’s dominance on December 20 in The Stables. Neodrach’s brand of punk- inspired rock and Pariah’s youth and musical skill make them a devastating tag team and one which is confident of being triumphant when they take the stage on December 20.

Suspecting that there will be shenanigans aplenty between the two factions, SuperKidd Promotions have called on Naas' own The Dropout Syndrome to act as special guest referees. While their ability to stop any brawls is in question, their musical abilities are not and they are considered one of the Midlands’ finest up and coming acts and are assured to be ear candy for all those in attendance.

So be in The Stables on December 20, bell time is 2pm to see the battle of the year! Also it'll be Christmassy so bring your Santa hats!

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