Christmas cheer at Athlone Film Club

“The main trouble is there are too many people who don’t know where they’re going and they want to get there too fast.”  Sounds like a commentary on modern life particularly as we approach Christmas, but it’s actually a quote from the 1947 classic film The Bishop’s Wife, staring Cary Grant.

Regarded as one of the most heart-warming, gentle and beautiful films ever made, The Bishop’s Wife has it all: it’s a love story, a comedy, a drama. Indeed it’s an all round inspiring film.

It tells the tale of an Episcopal Bishop Henry Brougham, played by David Niven, who has been working for months on the plans for a new Cathedral paid for by a stubborn widow. He is losing sight of his family and why he became a churchman in the first place. Enter Dudley, played by Cary Grant, an angel sent to help him. Dudley helps everyone he meets, but not necessarily in the way they would have preferred. With the exception of Henry everyone loves him, but Henry begins to believe that Dudley is there to replace him, at work, and in his family’s affections as Christmas approaches.

Originally Cary Grant played the bishop and David Niven the angel but when Henry Koster replaced the original director he realised the two were in the wrong roles. It took some convincing because Grant wanted the title role of the Bishop. He did eventually accept the change and his role of the angel was one of the most widely praised of his career. Cast as Dudley, Grant exuded a charm that transcended the role.

The film went on to win the Academy Award for sound and was nominated for Best Director, Best Film Editing, Best Music, Scoring of a Comedy Picture, and Best Picture.

What better way to get into the Christmas spirit and away from the fast pace of contemporary living by coming along to the screening of this movie by Athlone Film Club on Tuesday December 16 at 8pm in the Dean crowe Theatre. Pre-screening complimentary wine and mince pies in the bar at 7.30pm.

Also if you are looking for the perfect Christmas Gift why not treat a loved one (or yourself! ) to the Film Club’s spring season gift voucher worth €30. For more information email [email protected]


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