False name driver foiled by giving correct address

A Romanian teenager who gave a false name but his correct address after being caught driving a car without insurance was told “he can tell that to Borat or whoever” in the District Court this week (February 27 ).

Ruso Muntean (18 ), of 119, Meadowbrook, Willow Park, Athlone was stopped in the vehicle at a checkpoint in Monksland on December 23 without any identification.

When asked for his details, he gave the name of a family friend, but his own address, Inspector Aidan Minnock told the court.

Muntean had no licence, no insurance, and nine previous convictions - all for public order offences.

His solicitor Mr Padraig Quinn told the court how his client’s previous convictions were all for begging, and that he had “given the name of the registered owner, a friend of his father’s”.

“He believed the owner’s insurance covered him. In Romania the insurance covers the car, not the driver,” said Mr Quinn.

“Well, he can tell that to Borat, or whoever it is. He has no concept of road traffic law,” said Judge Seamus Hughes, referring to the Kazhakstani alter ego of UK comedian Sacha Baron-Cohen.

He fined Muntean €250 for not having insurance, and an additional €100 for giving the false name. As it was a first offence, Judge Hughes did not disqualify the teen.



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