In treating obesity, have we got it all wrong?

Canadian obesity expert Dr Maurice Larocque says the latest research shows why current treatments in obesity are failing, and that a totally different approach needs to be taken for the overweight and obese.

Irish data suggests that two out of every five adults are overweight, and that 26 per cent of Irish men and 21 per cent of Irish women are obese.

Leading expert in bariatric medicine, Dr Maurice Larocque, developed the revolutionary ‘mental weight’ concept used by Motivation Weight Management to help people achieve and maintain their ideal weight by identifying and tackling the root cause of their eating habits and behaviours.

Dr Larocque visited Ireland this week to discuss the obesity epidemic and challenge some common myths about weight loss.

“Yo-yo dieting is bad and dangerous - this is a myth. Our research shows the opposite, and proves that people who tried to lose weight on several occasions, even if they did not succeed in maintaining the weight lost, decreased their mortality by 24 per cent versus those who did not diet.

“Slow weight loss is better than fast weight loss - this is a myth. The common advice to intentionally lose weight slowly has no basis in reason or science. It is also the main reason why people don’t stick to their diets.”

Dr Larocque has often commented that he would have liked to implement his programme without involving scales, focusing instead on improvements in behaviour and feelings as well as how well clothing fits.

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