Golf tip by Murphy Sweeney Golf School


To hit straight shots more often try working on your alignment. At address you should imagine that you are standing on railway tracks.The ball is on one track which leads to the target and your feet are on the other. With the ball central in your stance (ie opposite the middle of your feet ) you should now have your feet, hips, and shoulders all parallel to the ball to target line.

Check your alignment using two golf clubs as follows:

1. Place club A on the ground pointing from the ball to the target.

2. Set up to the ball as if you are about to hit it.

3. Place club B on the ground across your toe line.

4. Now step back and look at the 2 clubs on the ground. They should be parallel.

5. Adjust club B until it is parallel to club A then set up to the ball again.

Parallel alignment along with a square clubhead and a good grip will help you hit the ball straighter more often. Remember, practice makes perfect.

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