Suspense-filled finale to Athlone Film Club’s season

Athlone Film Club is delighted to be showing the suspense-filled BAFTA nominated documentary The Imposter as their final film of the season on Tuesday February 12 in the Dean Crowe Theatre. This film was selected by the members of Athlone Film Club as the film they wanted to see to end another great selection of films.

The story begins in 1994, in San Antonio, Texas, when a 13-year-old boy called Nicholas Barclay is reported missing. Three years later, his grieving and traumatised family was astonished and overjoyed to be told that he had turned up … in Spain. The authorities brought him back, but this mysterious figure, muffled in cap, scarf, and dark glasses - who spun a bizarre tale of being kidnapped by an international vice ring - was completely different: darker skin tone, different colour eyes, clearly much older than 16. Yet the family appeared to accept him. Could it be that they were so desperate to believe that they set aside the plain evidence of their own eyes? This fascinating documentary will definitely have people talking so come along and make up your own mind!

Prior to The Imposter, to mark the end of the season, Athlone Film Club is very pleased to be showing a short film Unheard by Carla Maria Tighe, a student of the Huston School of Film at NUI Galway. Shot in Galway, with an original soundtrack, Unheard is a 15 minute drama about a young musician who is losing her hearing but gaining something more. This short film will start at 8pm and The Imposter will follow immediately after.

All are welcome and tickets are available at the door. Join them for a pre-screening drink from 7.30pm in the Theatre Bar. For more information log on to



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