Golf tips from Murphy Sweeney Golf School

Grip one (left hand )

How you hold the club will directly affect the way the clubhead meets the golf ball. A good grip ensures that the clubface is square to the target at impact. Here are some key checkpoints for a good grip.

1. Make sure that you are gripping the club approximately 2cm from the end. If you grip too high up, the club will twist in your hand, often leaving a telltale hole or worn area in your glove.

2. Start by placing the grip at the base of your little finger (left hand ) and in the crook of your index finger and curl your fingers around the club. The club is mainly held in the back three fingers.

3. When you look down you should see two knuckles and a ‘v’ pointing just right of your chin. Any more may lead to hooks, any less may lead to slices.

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